Monday, July 27, 2009

the ocean breathes

life has its many mysteries.whether we take the action to go and find the solutions or we sit back and let the solutions find us is up to ones own.with everything that passes throughout the day, the past always seems to sneak up on you.i realize you cant run from your feelings because it just makes everything harder for you later on..i thought i was made stronger by the events that i have experienced...but being strong is like treading water...youre just trying to keep moving..and keep your head up and away from the things that are threatening you, the things that are trying to bring you down..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Who is to say what forever is?
Forever is in just the first glance,
Forever is the wedding ring around their finger,
Forever rests in the pages of the bible,
Forever is the horizon,
Forever is in the eye of the beholder.
Nothing lasts forever. The world doesn't even last forever. A kiss doesn't last forever. A glance doesn't last forever.
Why is everyone so hyped up on, "oh, I will love you, always and forever!"??
But when death or someone comes in the way of your forever..
all you are left with are the memories of all the chances you had to make something of what you had...all the opportunities that were once available to you is now just dust in the wind
What options do you have now for your future "forever?"
Mope around? Drink away your life? No.
Grab life by the horns, right?
Find your next forever.