Sunday, June 9, 2013

Who Am I?

I'm pretty sure I've always been a hippie at heart. There I was, growing up on a farm in a small town. And now here I am, a university student staying in LA for the summer for an internship with one of the top casting companies in LA. So amazing how far I have come, and so amazing how much farther I plan on going.

A little about me and why I believe I'm a hippie at heart. For one, I do not kill flies, spiders, bugs, ants, cockroaches (they frighten me), or ant hills. If they are just minding their own business and not bothering me, then whatever. Let them live.

I am mostly vegetarian with my occasional slip up of unread ingredients in products from names I can't pronounce (which I am trying to be more careful about) and the occasional bite of sushi (yum. sorry.)

Here I am, using No-Poo and loving it. And then I get on pinterest and find research that no-poo isn't that great for your scalps pH levels. So I'm going to try a new recipe using coconut oil and pure aloe vera gel for shampoo and continue using the apple cider vinegar to balance pH and condition the ends.

And another thing...

I've always known that trans fat and aluminum lead to cancer and increases the risk of alzheimer's disease. Guess what's in my deodorant? I don't use just any deodorant. I use either dove or secret's clinical strength. The $12 per 4 or 5 oz of pretty much aluminum to stop the anti-perspiring. But I don't have an sweat problem. I can't find a product that I like that stops the odor. Until this same website! The ultimate hippie woman! I would pretty much summarize what she said, but here's her link

So this week I will buy the products, maybe even tonight if my boyfriend gets back in time!

I'm transforming, but not really. I believe everyone needs to know what they are putting into their bodies. Do your research and beat cancer to the ground! You are what you eat, and you are what you put onto your body.

LA Pride Parade

It was so much fun! I loved seeing all of the support that the LGBT community has, both from the LGBT community and straight. However....I am not happy at all with the christians/religious protesters. Like really? You can't let them have one day? I almost started crying. How can one group of people believe that they are better than others. They say they are trying to spread the word of God and "save the gays" but they are mean and raining on their parade! I did smile, though, when I saw a group of lgbt supporters walking back and forth in front of the bigots with huge rainbow colored flags so the protesters couldn't really see the parade...but still! Those flag holders didn't get to enjoy the parade! Come on, people! Let others do what they want. They aren't harming you! They don't vote on whether or not you're allowed to get married! So why should it even be up to a vote for them? They are human. Let them live this short life on earth the way they want to!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Poo day 3

So it's been 3 days since I've washed my hair (I shower daily still, mind you).

This 3rd day is prett-ay prett-ay pretty gross. Can't wait to scrub it with some baking soda and vinagaaaa!

Update on famous people in LA!


I saw Courtney Cox Arquette. And, being the Larry David/Curb your enthusiasm fan that I am, I so wanted to yell out my window: MONICA!! Not because I'm psycho and/or a fan, but just because I'm sure she gets that ALL of the time.

And I've seen her recently on tv and she is disgusting and old and bony looking.

NOT in real life. She was absolutely gorgeous! Really thin, too, but not like anorexia, scary thin.

Side note, there are no fat people in LA. I saw maybe one. But that was on Hollywood Blvd so that doesnt count. (she most likely was a tourist)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So in LA I have met a total of 2 famous people. And neither one of them count...
1. Nigel Olsson
Better known as Elton John's Drummer.
Why doesn't he count? I'm dating his nephew.

2. Jon Favreau
Really famous comedian/actor/writer/director
Why doesn't he count? It was at work and we never got introduced because I'm only an intern.

Week one of No Poo Showering

So Here We Have It Folks I washed my hair on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Monday was great! I ended up straightening my hair because I'm retarded. Tuesday my hair was good toooooo. It looked like a second day hair though :/ Wednesday wasn't necessary to wash but I wanted to put beach spray in my hair and make it wavy so I ended up washing it. Not really a fan with the beach spray mixing with the no-poo trend...My hair appeared darker and felt heavier/partially greasy. Thursday I only washed it to get rid of the waviness from the day before. Things went well. Friday my hair was gorgeous! Couldn't even tell it was second day! I had to wash my hair on saturday because I went to the gym and my hair was definitely greasy even before the gym. But now my hair is still greasy after washing so I might have to add a little bit more baking soda to the squeeegee bottle and see if that helps it. On to week 2!