Sunday, July 17, 2011


i need to get off the computer. depressed by reading/seeing on facebook how two of my friends are engaged just today

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Kicking, thrashing, 
She's become lost

gripped in between the claws of life .
The monotonous drone of the swell

breaks routinely, incessantly.
A spectacle of white and green, lures her under

Lulls her into a peaceful slumber.

The beauty of it all
engulfs, carries,

And caresses the stone in her core.
It replaces the emptiness and fear;

It evades her of all unease.

The ache is inevitable and she

Its return.
Her throat begins to tighten

And constrict.
The feeling of security is now a foreign concept.

She’ll never see him

The salinity from her eyes fades into the depths of
the unknown,

combines with the brine.
They too,

have left her.
A collection of memories most valuable in the world,

Floats away.
She wishes she could collect those tears

And build another him.