Thursday, May 13, 2010

unchained melody//unfinished

a new language was created
when the sun had set
the new language was lost
when you and i first met

the waves are crashing against my ankles
the salt is burning on my skin
the sun is beating across my shoulders
but all i feel is your ........??? word insert?

the world is quiet
the stars stopped blinking
the fish, what fish?
the birds, what birds?
your hand encloses mine

the world is quiet
the stars started blinking
blinking in rhythm with the beat of my heart
blinking in rhythm with the crashing of the waves
blinking in rhythm with the beat of your heart.

the world is quiet
the night is young
the fish follow the currents
the birds follow the fish
and we follow each other
into the crashing of the waves

random quotes of inspiration

"We promise according to our hopes, and perform according to our fears." ~Francois de La Rouchefoucauld

I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart. ~ Van Gogh

You don't need a class to Art Journal. It's a book in which you put yourself in. There are no rules. Just do it. You will find your way.

Inside myself is a place where I live all alone, and that's where I renew my springs that never dry up. ~Pearl Buck

Some of the pictures are truly mysterious to me.. which is why I so often say publicly that I don’t know or don’t care what they’re really about. And yet I can also say that the paintings are prayers.~ Susan Rothenberg

"I try to tell students to do the things that come the most naturally, but at the same time do the very thing that you don't know how to do and that you're afraid to do. You should do two things at once: what you do and what you don't do. I think what you do instinctually proceeds from your heart. And what you don't do is what you need to learn with your head. So you need to do both." ~ Amy Sullivan

"No one else but you can make your marks. Listen to your bones. Speak with your spirit. Edit with your head. Live with your heart." ~S.Holland

Monday, May 10, 2010


dont place me on the backburner
i want you by my side
dont place me on the backburner
theres no other need to explain why

if im not your first choice
ill understand
if im not your first choice
ill sink away off in the quicksand

dont place me on the backburner
nothing will ever be the same
if im not your first choice
im not playing in your game

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GRADUATION is approaching fastttttttttt
i've always been aware of the friends i'd missed but i never thought of the faces i'd never see again. i've been so caught up on my own future and closest friends that i never realized that for the majority, i would NEVER see any of the people that are staying in sparta....I'm so ready to move away from home that i never thought twice on looking back...what if im not ready to say goodbye?
you think after being in school for all these years that someone would have taught us how to say goodbye...
everything happens for a reason.
i need to stay strong. i need to stay strong??
my friends are whats keeping me strong! what am i going to do without them? the people that know me better than i know myself?
i write my worries and complaints here, which helps. but you cant speak cant stop me from doing anything irrational
every little things...gonna be alright---the marley.
"i will do nothing but pay attention to you and kiss you and make every second worth the breath taken."

and just like that, he had my heart in hand once again...but all i could think was, is it okay to fall?

"do i contradict myself? very well, then i contradict myself."
---The walt whitman.
I cant let go...
It feels like a HUGE waste of a year.
I hateeee this feeling.
I hateeee him for making me feel this way
I hateeee him.
When it was over he said, "Babe, don't be upset."
My reply was, "dont call me that anymore."
yeah.that was our goodbye.

"I wasn't in love with him, so why, all of a sudden, did i feel like i couldn't live without him?"
---ellen hopkins

"i never wanted you but i did, its never over but it is."
---landon pigg
dont want to do my english soooo i thought i'd draw
...i seem to have forgotten how to express myself thru drawing.
THats What school does to you---conforms you to a society where you have to
and speak
a certain way
i have forgotten how to act on my own...
We're forced to follow crowds or stand alone on our own.
High School is rough on "individuals."


What if:
  • The sun stops shining
  • i dont pass my classes
  • i dont fall in love
  • i lose my shoes
  • i stop dreaming
  • i never realize who i am

What if the whole point of life is NOT knowing who you are,

It's the journey that is the greatest part of all (jacob.i.brooks)


Has anyone ever said, "I am an individual,"?
Yes..I may be one in my school...but I still get my style and thoughts from people that have already thought or dresserd the way i want/do.
"they" say (who are they?) "be who YOU are, who you wannnnt to be."
How do you figure it out?
What's my calling???