Monday, November 29, 2010


There's my sister, and there's me on the right :D

I liked it
so its in my thought book

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Following the traces
Of all the things that’s been misplaced
Or the lack thereof
I wonder what comes of things that’s been lost
Do they end up in the same place? Or are they just tossed,
What about love? hmmm 


I thought that this season was "the most wonderful time of the year?" come, everyone I passed in Wal mart was either screaming at their spoiled child, or arguing with their spouse? I literally saw one woman, she was with her child and husband, grab her purse and said fuck this I'm doing my own thing....? Is that what everything has come to? I thought that all these forced holidays and shopping trips during an economic depression was supposed to bring us togetherrr!!? exactly.

oh. another thought I had...
If people took out stop signs...would there be mass chaos, or would we have the common courtesy to let others go before ourselves?

Just some things that I've been thinking about today.

Oh, and Lost In The Trees, I can't wait to see you Friday ;)
And kettle korn, how I love thee.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tyler Ramsey

aka, lead guitarist for Band of Horses

played at the Burney Center at UNCW
it was absolutely utterly amazing
euphoric, almost, basically.
what sad lyrics...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


im feeling motivated

the feelings gone
can we restart?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

i need some motivation
some determination
something to get me through these next couple of weeks
i need to stop avoiding my problems
chip through the illusions pretending to be my problems
and reach the source of them
i dont know if i want to search that far in me
i dont know if i can, if im ready for something like that...
i dont know what im talking about anymore
this is from a previous blog but its worth a repeat here,
i need a home in your arms.


youre the good things

"You're The Good Things"

You were right I'm hangin' 'round because
Light and sound won't separate us from them
You were right I'm underground because
Slight of hand won't separate your body from the dirt you're standing on today
You're the good things yeah that's you...
You're the icing on the cake on the table at my wake
You're the extra ton of cash on my sinking life raft
You're the loud sound of fun when I'm trying to sleep
You're the flowers in my house when my allergies come out
You're the good things...
And help's not short when you're diggin' your grave
I'll help you dig it
So you're diggin' your grave now you're speakin' my language I'll help you dig it 

Monday, November 8, 2010


i misshesh my franzz.
even the ones that i dont like...?
being away is rough. everyone is experiencing some different type of stress, different type of everything
when were together,
it all feels normal
it all goes away
all of the nostalgia,
the stress,
the classes,
the distance,
it all feels normal
now that im back in wilmington,
i want that secure feeling.
i miss them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

im not a fan of this video..but the songs great <3

dear mama ruth

put him back

that is all

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

its been on my mind lately..

does everything happen for a reason?
whats our purpose?
are we meant to be somewhere at some point in time?
what if we are just "lost souls swimming in a fish bowl?"
.....just something to think about


dunnnno why but i love that song

heres another one thats absolutely beautimous

this ones pretty nice as well....

inspired by coldpay-til kingdom come

build me up
dont break me down
my heart it speaks
but cant be found

the waves they crash
upon the shore
the clouds they pass
through my core

i'm running blind
throughout my days
my heart it sees
but the vision it fades
it fades, it fades, it fades

i'm lost for the words that need to be said
like vapor, the words float, within my head
its a matter of time
a matter of time
ohohhh just a matter of time
to fall out
to fall out
to fall out of line
shadows are lurking in every corner
where do i go from here
love cant be found unless first found within thineself
teach me how to love me
to pull me from this misery

shadows are lurking in every corner
no ones got this all figured out
what are we all doing here?
no ones got this all figured out
teach me how to love
and youll be teaching me how to dance

im struggling day in and day out
im craving things i should do without
corruption floats throughout the air
yet all i see are God's figures in the sky

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the words arent coming out
my feelings arestickingtotheroofofmymouth
my love, my hatred, my pain,
is getting washed away with each breath, hello? is there anyone
living in this flesh?
i'm lost with each step i take
i yearn and search to find
everythings at stake

Monday, November 1, 2010

i cant help but wonder why did he decide to tell me those things?
he cant be interested..thats strange

"for how many nights
must you keep coming back
how much can you lose
til you miss what you lack"--the broken family band