Sunday, January 17, 2010


The words of your heart are always silent
ripples of unheard emotion turned violent
forget about what others may think
because ever-so-slowly they'll make you sink
we'll never be able to change our past
but our future is coming ever-so-fast
pay attention to the words unsaid
your heart knows you better than your head
knowledge is food for your brain
but love is the cure for all ones pain
Toucan Sam always says, "follow your nose wherever it goes"
I prefer to follow the ripples wherever they may flow

Introduction to the aspiring artist/actress/fashion icon

imitation is suicide

im just a sucker for those who can make me laugh
my life is basically lived on the weekends
i took my first breath on march 6 1992
im half brazilian =]
ive been told im different
i hate not knowing what could have been
i like to have things planned
but i also like surprises
surprise me with a hug
a kiss
a poem
a quote
a letter in the mail
something to show that i crossed your mind for a brief instant
I hate being stood up...
i love being center of attention
im embarrassed easily though
i love wearing high heels
when i laugh i usually end up crying
ive come to realize when i'm extremely overflowing with happiness, a few tears come out
i love rumors
but i hate drama
im bilingual
hoping soon to be trilingual
i love to meet new people
im afraid to look people in the eyes while speaking
i guess i believe in the eyes as the window to my soul
i always want the things i cant have
and once i have it, i dont want it as much
i prefer myspace to facebook
but im on facebook more often
im a huge blue monster fan
i love the way things are besides from school and work
i hate indecisive people
mainly because i am one
so never give me options or i'll be deciding forever
i hate overly cocky guys
but i also hate shy guys
i dont really have a certain type
however i am into the whole indie thing
i wish things in life didnt revolve around money
people who show off their money gets on my nerrrvves.
i wish i was taller
i wish i was thinner
something like gisele bundchen
but then again, who doesnt?
im usually never happy with the way i look
it takes me hours to get ready
i speak without words, usually.
music is love
and i love listening to music because the lyrics explain the words i cant say
fashion is crucial
i love when im with MY group of friends
and everything feels exactly how it should be
like this is where im supposed to be
that im on the right path
when im happy, i feel like im home
im usually always scared, always worrying
some things i dont take into consideration,
i dont think before i speak
i say what i want when i want,
without thinking about the consequences
i'd rather sleep during the day then at night
i love dancing to the beat
and offbeat
i love singing at the top of my lungs in my car
social events excite me
i cant wait to get away from sparta.
i'll be attending UNCW in the fall :D
planning to major in film studies
i love to talk about deep philosphical topics
i hate when i lose the people that i love most..
i love popcorn and movie nights with who[m?]ever, whenever
i love to talk
i love rambling, obviously
any form of writing and drawing is like breathing
i use too many commas and fragments in my writing
i hate people who don't use the oxford comma
i dont like driving
i love being lost in the moment and that happens often
Math is the worst thing ever invented
AP english should be taught to all.
i hate regrets
i hate when people revolve their life around some boy
forget the small stuff if he doesnt want you, he wants me.hahaha just joking
and i used to say that smiling is easy when ur upset
but why waste a moment in life faking who you are
i love being who i want to be
i try to be who i am
i try be who i want to be changing
i dont always know who i am
i dont always know who i want to be
and i dont always like who i am
but i have faith that things will turn out the way they should be
ive learned nothing and, simultaneously, everything is worth my tears
if you judge me, i will amaze you by your utter wrongness
what if who im meant to be, is someone that doesnt know who they are?
either way, im just a small town girl
but this small town girl has got big plans on her horizon
remember this face
remember these words
and remember
ill be seeing you =]

Monday, January 11, 2010


Strokes of creativity
Flashes in the sky.
All the questions you cant answer,
The only question I wonder is why.
Each pierce of light within the darkness
Is followed by barren emptiness.
I'm searching for a slip in the pattern
but what if it holds true,
You'll flash in and out, as if on cue?
Stay as long as you please
Stay, because you belong with me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


i twist
i turn
i beg
i yearn
for a simple explanation
something to solve this complex consternation
the burning lucidity of your gaze
has set my mind afire, dancing in a maze
the touch of your palm upon my face
the path your fingertips incessantly trace
your lips, they search for mine
from my cheek, they follow and are able to find
my own.

random thoughts jotted down

I'm tangled and I'm spinning
from all the currents that I'm wrapped in
Is it just me or was there a connection?
You want me to speak the words I cant?
While you sit back and watch me attempt.
With every word that leaves me breathless.
With every word you deem as careless.
You are my weakness.
I've had it.
I'm through with you.
I miss you, baby.