Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week one of No Poo Showering

So Here We Have It Folks I washed my hair on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Monday was great! I ended up straightening my hair because I'm retarded. Tuesday my hair was good toooooo. It looked like a second day hair though :/ Wednesday wasn't necessary to wash but I wanted to put beach spray in my hair and make it wavy so I ended up washing it. Not really a fan with the beach spray mixing with the no-poo trend...My hair appeared darker and felt heavier/partially greasy. Thursday I only washed it to get rid of the waviness from the day before. Things went well. Friday my hair was gorgeous! Couldn't even tell it was second day! I had to wash my hair on saturday because I went to the gym and my hair was definitely greasy even before the gym. But now my hair is still greasy after washing so I might have to add a little bit more baking soda to the squeeegee bottle and see if that helps it. On to week 2!

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