Sunday, June 9, 2013

LA Pride Parade

It was so much fun! I loved seeing all of the support that the LGBT community has, both from the LGBT community and straight. However....I am not happy at all with the christians/religious protesters. Like really? You can't let them have one day? I almost started crying. How can one group of people believe that they are better than others. They say they are trying to spread the word of God and "save the gays" but they are mean and raining on their parade! I did smile, though, when I saw a group of lgbt supporters walking back and forth in front of the bigots with huge rainbow colored flags so the protesters couldn't really see the parade...but still! Those flag holders didn't get to enjoy the parade! Come on, people! Let others do what they want. They aren't harming you! They don't vote on whether or not you're allowed to get married! So why should it even be up to a vote for them? They are human. Let them live this short life on earth the way they want to!

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